Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just a couple of stray comics and their tl:dr background stories.


My former schoolmate was complaining about no water coming out of his radiator (as he was trying to vent it) . So I decided to figure out why.


A birthday card for my cousin, about the times we used to go fishing from a ditch, using frogs as bait, while at the same time his brother was digging through the bottom hoping to find some addition to his tazo collection. (Most of his tazos were found at the bottom of the ditch. You could tell by the faded color.)


A birthday card for my childhood friend, who used to live just downstairs. It so happened that we were often too lazy to go outside to play so we figured out a convenient way to deliver messages, toys, and pets (as seen in the picture) via the balcony. No animals were harmed.

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  1. Olen isegi niimoodi kassi reisima viinud..